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Kutaisi – Town in Georgia, administrative centre of Imereti Region is situated on the river Rioni. It was officially recognized as a town in 1811, but earlier (730, 980-1072 years ) it is mentioned  among the most important cities of Georgia. Population is 186 thousand (2002). Kutaisi is the second industrial and cultural town of Georgia. There were a lot of heavy and light food industry Enterprises, cultural  institutions: University, Institutions, Theatres, Galleries. Documentary History of Kutaisi begins from III A.D. but the old authors considered it as the capital city of Kolkhida Kingdom( A. D. VIII). The old names of Kutaisi are: Aia, Kutaia, Kuitatisiumi. During the centuries,  from VIII- XIX century it was the centre of Western Georgia Kingdom (later Imereti Region). In 1810- 1917 Kutaisi was the part of Russian Empire. In the middle ages Kutaisi was associated with the name of Georgian King David Agmashenebeli, in new era- the works of Akaki Tsereteli, Zaqaria PaliaSvili and Kote Marjanishvili . The main sights of Kutaisi and its surroundings are:The  ruins of Bagrati Cathedral (XI), Gelati Monastery, (XII), Geguti Castle (XII), Sataplia Cave and Nature Reserve, Spa resort of Tskaltubo. There is Residence and Dean of Kutaisi Gaenati Eparchies of Georgian Orthodox Church.

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